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Welcome to the “Eternal Now” on the 5th dimension! In this mystical realm an army of alien spirits are joining forces to combat a vibrational war. The goal of “Galaktic Gang” is to bring balance back to the Universe, one planet at a time!

As the Darkness on Planet Earth has gotten way out of control, the “Galaktic Gang” has volunteered to serve as interdimensional guides in service to human individuals. With the subtle help of these trippy avatars, earthlings have a better chance of reigniting Love and Light as the main energy of our planet!

Each newly activated member will be given different attributes none like each other, using a in house made generative randomizer. So these beings are created in the void of nothingness and endless probability! Each gang member will gain exclusive rights to this fun community and will help bring peace back to our collective reality by believing it is possible!


The Wizard has graciously opened his arms to new Galaktic Gang members. Each newly initiated member will be given different attributes none like eachother using a in house made generative randomizer. Each member grants exclusive rights in the community and is the passport to freedom.


Every Galaktic Gang NFT comes with special perks and community benefits for owners!
Special access to Discord channels for Galaktic Gang Members
Exclusive Merchandise for community members
Metaverse concerts and experiences
Free admission to art exhibits (Launch Party & other venues)


Along with ownership benefits, We are offering special Chris Dyer physical artwork drops for a few lucky winners!
First 100 Unique Wallet Mints recieve a signed Satin-Paper art print 8x12
After first 100, every 55th mint will receive a signed Satin-Paper art print 8x12
Every 555th Mint will recieve a special signed canvas art print 
Everyone who participates in public mint will be entered to win 3-5 signed Originals 24x36


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Create Website, Socials, Discord & Whitelist

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Begin Presale for Whitelisters

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Public Sale

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Sell Out & Donate to Charities

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Launch at IRL Underground (Denver, CO)

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Online Publications (Forbes, Benzinga, Yahoo Finance)

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Verified on Opensea

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Upcoming NFT Drops

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The Galaktic Team has assembled to bring you the Galaktic Gang.

chris dyer


Chris Dyer is a Peruvian Canadian visual artist cruising the world spreading some good vibes for the people. He started out doing skateboard art and has done over 100 different graphics for some of the biggest brands in that industry. He then moved into creating spiritual canvas paintings and has exhibited at galleries all over the planet. He then started spray painting murals and has left his trace in magical places like the Bob Marley Museum in Jamaica, the Beatles Ashram in India, Balata refugee camp in Palestine, Havana DIY skate park in Cuba and Street Art Museums in Amsterdam and Russia.

His clothing brand “Positive Creations” has produced many beautiful products since it’s inception in 2004. He’s taught workshops all around the globe including shamanic medicine retreats in the jungle of Peru. His art has been included in several magazines including Thrasher, High Times and Juxtapoz, as well as been published in many books, a few of his own. Other than this he also enjoys creating video offerings like his Travel show and Podcast series on Youtube. NFTs is his newest frontier to conquer, so he want to give it his all with nothing but the best art quality and community vibes!

Kyle Morton


Hello everyone, I have been very passionate about crypto since 2016 although started getting into crypto in 2012. I decided to take the leap and become full time in 2020. It was one of the best decisions in my life. Since this time, I have been involved with numerous projects on ETH & BSC by helping with Marketing, being a Content Creator and also a Community Director. I got into NFT's more heavily this past year and have been apart some of the most predominate communities. I hope to inspire others to pursue whatever they wish to accomplish. Anything is truly possible if you put your mind to you. WGMI



Travis Delly has been in the crypto space since 2017 where he started to see the power of crypto and the evolution into Web 3. Currently, he is the lead developer for a large crypto project and the coding brains behind the Galaktic Gang. Using the art of code, he's able to craft all of the contracts, generate the NFT's from individual layers and create dapps for users to mint NFT's. Travis loves his dog Sirus, adventuring around the country and winning at the craps table.

Jason Turnquist


Jason Turnquist has been an entrepreneur since 2005. He is currently CEO & Co-Founder of Fyresite, a web/app development firm with locations in Phoenix, Denver, LA and SF. Jason is a huge tech nerd and crypto enthusiast, who has been mining Ethereum since 2017. He more recently has become a huge advocate of Defi and NFT's, helping launch 2 projects in this space over the last year. Jason is a SF Bay Area Native, a car lover and lives with his amazing wife and 3 fur babies.

Nate "Corn Man" Hansen


"Corn Man" is a North American artist. He has produced works, ranging from pen and ink to large scale murals, but is most known for his hand painted skateboard project, Corn Skateboards.  After learning about NFTs, Corn Man joined the Galactic Gang, and has since become a moderator and artist for the gang.  Corn man works with the team to create images for social media, promotional material, and events.🌽😎🌽

Sam Evans


Known better as "Dady Dancer Legs" he has been with Galaktic Gang since the beginning. Originally just a fan of Chris' artwork and the GG project, he joined the moderator team in early 2022. You can catch DDL hosting community music nights in the Discord or holding it down on Twitter. An avid art collector, music appreciator, beer enthusiast, bowling aficionado, Orioles fan and friend of animals. DDL's legs are always dancing, and he's always willing to lend a helping hand wherever it's needed.



RBware has been following the gang since the beginning, joining the mods team in Q4 2022. Ryan is the director of operations and strategy for a Web 2 agency, abstract artist, and kundalini yoga teacher who contributes operations, graphics, and strategic support to the Galaktic Gang as well as leading kundalini yoga and chanting events in the Galaktic Gang discord monthly.

B U (Brandon)


What’s up beautiful peoples! My name is B U which stands for B Urself. I’ve been in Crypto and NFT's since 2019 and am currently heavily involved in the NFT space. I work as a discord moderator, collaboration manager, and help with community involvement and engagement between a few projects. I’m an artist and audio engineer based out of Saint Louis, Missouri who loves animals, music, fast cars, traveling, and having a good time. I’m an open book so ask me anything! Much Love!

Accomplished so Far

See all we have done since we minted in late 2021! Still so much more to come as we grow as a community of resonant Gangstas!

Previous goals

Check out our previous accomplishments since our 2021 launch!

NOV 12, 2021
Galaktic Gang is Born! Our team begins to collaborate on the creation of this future NFT project.

Artist Chris Dyer and the team start brainstorming for the NFT project. Drawing each character elements individually for the randomized generator script.

NOV 26, 2021
DEC 14, 2021
Whitelist Mint Goes Live

A randomized whitelist was selected to allow our excited Galaktic Gang supporters to mint their Galaktic Gang NFT's ahead of the public mint.

“I believe that when this sells out in a week we will have a nice percentage for charity, which is crazy! I've never had so much money to give to a charity which is F*'ing amazing!. This is the great thing about crypto and NFT's, all a sudden we normal people can get the opportunity to give back like we've always wanted to give. Usually in our lives we work to pay our mortgage, bills, and have a little fun, but now we all will be able to give to an organization”

Chris Dyer - Artist, Creator
Positive Creations

DEC 15, 2021
Galaktic Gang Featured in Editor's Picks 🎉

“I want my community to be different from everyone else offering this ‘lifestyle of the rich and famous, I am super down with people using crypto and NFTs to be empowered and level up in a world that's been unfair to us… but I’m not here to be like the one percent that fucked us all over.”

Chris Dyer - Artist, Creator
Positive Creations

DEC 16, 2021
Galaktic Gang Public Mint Goes Live

Each NFT minted is 0.0777 ETH with at limit of 10 per wallet.

DEC 18, 2021
Galaktic Gang Launch Party at IRL Gallery in Denver, CO

This free event for all Galaktic Gang NFT holders and gave thanks for all the hard work and support from our community. The celebration headlined by Illuminati Congo and a special Chris Dyer DJ set as well as live painting. We also gave away signed art prints and shirts for those in attendance.

DEC 21, 2021
Galaktic Gang Public Mint Sells Out on Winter Solstice!

We did it! What a rollercoaster week that led up to us selling out our collection of 5,555 unique Galaktic Gang Members on the date of the Winter Solstice. NFT artwork is later revealed that day at 5:55pm PST / 8:55pm EST.

“I just woke up to this crazy news and am crying in disbelief. I don’t have enough words of gratitude to the community who manifested this!! 🙌”

Chris Dyer - Artist, Creator
Positive Creations

DEC 22, 2021
Project Listed on Rarity Tools

We quickly began trending  on Rarity Tools, and quickly hit first page of Opensea.

Jan 2022

Galaktic Gangstas who minted were chosen at random to receive rewards. Our dear community started to receive original Chris Dyer paintings, and prints!

Also, we launched our "Galaktic Gadgets" line, 3d nft AirDrops that where given for free to holders, including spray cans, boomboxes, Skateboards, portals, and graffiti walls!

Feb 2022
Eth Denver

Chris Dyer participated in panel discussions with top people in the Web 3 world and also Live Painted at ETH Denver. The Gang had a fun and unique presence at that big event!

Chris Dyer and crew also opened their own home to throw a Bad Ass Gang House Party with free food, dranks, Live painters and quality Djs! It was an awesome community event with authentic IRL vibes enjoyed into the wee hours of the night!

Mar 2022
Hawaii Tree Planting Mission

The Gang goes to Kauai, Hawaii to unite with "Humans I Trust" to plant Trees with their project "NFTrees".We met our local GG members there, threw a little dance party with Chris Dyer live painting and then bought a solid dinner for all members!

Our original planting plans fell through but we met a local GG member, Jason Zuzu Hemp, who was a Hemp farmer. He ended planting Hemp Trees for us that where then will used for making Galaktic Gang Rolling Papers! The future sales of these will go back to his land and vice versa!

Chris did a "Stories" contest where he gave original drawings of the Galaktic Gang collection as rewards!

apr 2022
Galaktic VR Getdown!

The Galaktic Gang revealed their brand new VR Party Palace! A big ass Metaverse playground with Chris' art all over the place! The party had performers by GG members "The Polish Ambassador", "Indubious", "David Starfire", and speeches by Daniel Pinchbeck and Del Jolly.

The Gang got the cover of Westword Magazine along a big nice article!

"0xAuth" Plugin created by Fyresite studios to gate the Positive Creations Web store so that Galaktic Gang member could buy products exclusive to their holdings.

May 2022
LA Weekly Article

"LA Weekly"  wrote a real nice article about the Galaktic Gang in their NFT issue! Printed press is always appreciated!

Our Discord also had a big fun Relaunch Party for the enjoyment of our building community. And Opensea alo Verified our collection.

This Month we also launched our super cool Galaktic Gang filter for Instagram Fun posts!!

JUN 2022
GG Skateboards

Chris being a huge skateboarder since the mid 80's, made sure the Gang had its own Skateboards available, just in time for "Go Skate Day"!

Jul 2022
Future 360 Event

The Gang had a solid presence at the awesome "Future 360" events in Denver! From an epic Positive Creations booth, to projections at the Fillmore, it was a great chance to keep connecting and have fun!

aug 2022
Bullish Free Mint

To show Love for our beautiful holders we gave out a super cool Free Mint with an original song about the Gang by Chicago conscious rapper (and GG member) Illuminati Congo!

SEP 2022
Galaktic Gold

To reward Gang members who participate more than others, we started a Points Rewards Game where people could get free Positive Creations and GG products!

A fun Meme contest also went down with fun rewards!

OCT 2022
The Bodies

Chris spent several months during this period drawing up the full bodies for the Gang! What are these for? You'll have to stick around to find out!

In the meantime we continued to have lots of Discord events, Yoga classes, Poker nights, and our weekly Twitter "Sharing Circles" with Chris Dyer always in the mix! A great way for his fans to connect with him as friends!

NOV 2022
Hullaween Festival GG Meet Up

Chris Dyer painted a Huge mural at this big Music Festival in Suwanee, Florida, called "Hullaween". In the mural he included a Galaktic Gangsta and made different meet ups with gang members there, to connect, smoke, and go dancing together! Chris always prefers to meet his community members in person to give them hugs and have IRL adventures!

That trippy Festival was also the perfect time and place for the Gang to launch their new masks!

DEC 2022
Galaktic Basel Gathering in Miami

Chris Dyer threw a big "1st Year Anniversary" Party for Gangstas to enjoy in middle of Miami Art Week!

Chris offered a Solo Exhibition there but also organized a Group Show for GG Artist members like Amanda Sage, Killer Acid, Spero, Dome Moon, Max Paularena, etc. The place got packed!The Party had many cool performers like Illuminati Congo performing the official Gang song, Afro Beta, Mello-D, Sakiya and Chris Dyer himself (on vinyl turntables). There was musical and dance Shamanic performances, VR displays, Free Food and dranks for GGs and the best vibes in town!

We are committed to creating the world's most vibrant, diverse, and inclusive NFT project community. Our team is working hard every day to bring exciting new utility and value to the Galaktic Gang project.

Stay tuned for our latest updates!



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